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Improving Your Presence with Etiquette

What Is Etiquette?

Etiquette is the code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group. Etiquette usually have 5 types which revolve around the Workplace (workplace etiquette). 
This centers around the work environment, and how to succeed, using skills of communication and respect. The next area of etiquette would be Dinning, this area can be very advantageous in a social dinner, having a strong knowledge of table manners and use of forks, spoons and knives along with how and when to use them.
The third and one of the most important is Professionalism this can help not only in the office or work place but outside the work place, that can lead to new venues and opportunity.
The fourth is communication etiquette, this follows how to talk in a professional manner. Whether you agree or not, the use of our language is something that can quickly close or open new opportunities in both career and in life.
And our last type of etiquette is in the Meeting environment, which can help you to standout in group settings. In a field where there are more applicants than jobs, standing out in positive ways will help you to your goals. 

How Can Etiquette Help My Modeling & Acting Career?

Learning valuable lessons on etiquette can open new opportunities, give you confidence in new environment settings as well as, prepare you for all types of situations that all designed to highlight your talents and impress future project managers.

Would you like to know more? Try out our Etiquette workshop.

2 Dinning Experiences and 2 Classes 

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